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Towards a Different Use of the Mind

It may well be that we are currently cognitively limited in our ability to cope with change. The mechanisms of our cognition and our ability to leverage emotions and rationality to facilitate learning are inadequate to support the pace at which knowledge is being generated.
If we want to close the gap between the knowledge available and what we are willing to use, we have to tap into a different use of the mind. We have to learn how to see change as not simply something to be feared, but a natural, intrinsic part of our life. When we learn how to use our intuition and intellect to implement consistent action, change is no longer a threat and a hazard; it is a continuous source of new opportunities.
The Thinking Process tools can be learned and applied with great success. HCG and SSIG have been training individuals and organizations with these tools for many years. Further information about training in these Thinking Process tools can be found at our website www.ssigfirm.com/training.
Our next training session will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 20th to the 22nd.
Why you and your top managers must attend this seminar:

You WILL learn how to implement change, not only cope with it. How to influence your employees to be more effective. How to develop and perform a constant diagnosis of the health of your business. How to read numbers the way you should to be able to manage the business, and the way your bankers and investors look at them. You will also learn the process used by influential businessmen on strategic planning and thinking. How to develop metrics to monitor progress. How to motivate and create a successful corporate culture, and, how to develop a systematic approach to planning.
Seats are limited. Please reserve for you and your managers before February 10th at www.ssigfirm.com/training

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