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Newsbrief - June 6, 2012

Hiring and spending pickup in next six months

* Results of a new economic survey may ease concerns about rising unemployment and its effect on consumer spending, as forecasters say more employers appear willing to hire in the coming months.

* William Strauss, a senior economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said that "Job losses have been moderating with an improved outlook for hiring over the next six months."

* The latest quarterly survey from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) shows that more companies reported rising demand for their products, as industry demand rose for the first time in five quarters.

* More companies are also seeing profit margins edge higher. Thirty six of the respondents said profit margins have risen, while 38 percent said they have declined. Another 36 percent said they were unchanged, meaning net rising index was 9 percent, an improvement from July's -17 percent.

Employers are more likely then ever to re-evaluate their workforce, and the work pool is overflowing. This is a good time to promote a Hybrid search.

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