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Business Plan Writing

    The Objective:
    Getting your projects funded!

    Expert strategist who have successfully written business plans that secured millions of dollars in funding from investors are ready to get started on your project.

    How do we do it:

  1. Write An Appealing Executive Summary
  2. Develop Clear Mission & Vision Statements
  3. Outline Effectively Your Keys to Success
  4. Develop A Strong Company Summary
  5. Engineer A Clear and Concise Startup Summary
  6. Choose An Optimum Company Location
  7. Develop The Configuration Of Attractive Products and Services
  8. Develop A Strong Market Analysis
  9. Sell Effectively The Market Growth Of the Industry In Which You Will Operate
  10. Establish Successfully Your Target Needs
  11. Demonstrate The Market Trends And Opportunities
  12. Summarize Effectively Future Distribution Channels
  13. Create A Solid Competitive Analysis
  14. Prepare A Summary Of Future Services
  15. Institute A Strategic Implementation Package
  16. Outline Vigorously The Value You Will Sell
  17. Generate A Successful Competitive Edge Analysis
  18. Develop A Summary Of The Marketing And Positioning Strategies
  19. Craft A Clear Pricing Strategy
  20. Outline Successfully Promotional And Distribution Strategies
  21. Summarize Sales Strategies
  22. Develop A 4-Year Sales Forecast
  23. Outline The Prospects Of Strategic Alliances
  24. Project Financial Milestones
  25. Develop Strategic Management And Organizational Structures
  26. Develop Financial Plans And Benchmarks
  27. Develop Optimum Break-Even Points
  28. Project Profit/Loss Statements
  29. Project Cash Flow And Balance Sheet Statements
  30. Develop Business Ratios
  31. What's the cost?

    Some business plans cost more than others depending on complexity and scope. We will be able to set a price once we understand your project's requirements.

    How to get started!

    Just fill-out the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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