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Transportation: How HCG Can Help

As the owner of a trucking or transportation company, you need to assure your business' future through management tools that work. HCG can help you fix your company by implementing or enhancing the following: sales and marketing techniques, administration procedures, merchandise control, space utilization, equipment repair and maintenance.


  • Full knowledge of company capabilities
  • Customer identification
  • Targeted marketing
  • Using directories to pre-qualify
  • Focused advertising
  • Advertising effectiveness feedback
  • Sales planning and sales activity monitoring
  • Public relations and customer awareness
  • Customer follow-up


  • Management authority and responsibility clearly defined
  • Organizational relationships that facilitate efficient operation
  • Well-defined operating procedures
  • Profit-based decision making
  • Profit-based manager's compensation program
  • DOT requirements

Merchandise Control

  • Computerized scheduling of trailer loading
  • Cargo load control for damage reduction
  • Computerized cargo tracking

Financial Planning/Management

  • Cash flow planning and management
  • Flexible budget planning
  • Establishing overhead costs
  • Establishing breakeven levels for total company operations and for each profit center
  • Developing pricing policies
  • Establishing credit and collection procedures

Space Utilization

  • Reduction of deadhead
  • Purchasing control system
  • Material and supplies monitoring and control
  • Effective management of personnel
  • Job descriptions and duty lists
  • Manualized policies and procedures
  • Systematic and effective communication

Equipment Repair/Maintenance

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Driver and equipment operator training
  • Maintenance records
  • Assigned responsibility for operators and for managers
  • Drug-free drivers/operators
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